Xe, a worldwide authority on currency exchange for over 30 years has become the latest Microsoft ISV partner to subscribe to our GYDE365 platform.

As part of the Euronet Worldwide (NASDAQ: EEFT) family, Xe provides the most up-to-date, reputable currency information, in addition to a range of other products and services that complement their core offering, including global payments, FX risk management, and currency APIs.  Xe.com serves in excess of 300 million unique visitors per annum.

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers, Xe has two offerings: Xe Global Payments, which fully automates the vendor payment function, enabling businesses to quickly process global payments in 130+ currencies to 220+ countries completely embedded in their Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

Secondly, they have developed a smart and simple way to consume their Currency Data API, which facilitates the seamless importing of real-time currency rates directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Their decision to leverage the GYDE365 product was specifically driven by their desire to increase awareness and opportunities for these solutions amongst Dynamics 365 partners and their end customers.

Commenting on their new partnership with Seer 365, Darren Hutchinson, the Global Head of Enterprise at Xe.com explains, “We are always looking for new avenues where our currency expertise can have a positive impact. Companies operating in this global economy have historically had to manage the inefficiencies and risks of juggling multiple platforms. With Xe Global Payments, customers can leverage our ever-growing payments network, all seamlessly inside Dynamics 365. In addition, our Currency Data API provides a real-time feed directly into users’ environments, reducing manual updates and entries.

We’re confident the exposure and insight provided by Seer 365, combined with the partner introductions will help scale Xe’s reach within the Dynamics 365 community.”

Seer 365’s Chief Commercial Officer, Joe Padda, added, “Xe.com is the go-to provider for currency information in much the same way that Google is for search. We are extremely pleased to have their real-time currency and global payment offerings on our GYDE365 platform. Both are common requirements for many of the companies using GYDE365 to evaluate Dynamics 365, so I’m sure this will create new opportunities for Xe.com. We’re looking forward to supporting their business in the year ahead.”

About Xe

Since 1993, Xe has established itself as the world’s trusted currency authority. With over 300 million annual visitors to Xe.com and more than 100 million downloads of the Xe App, Xe is the world’s leading provider of currency-related data. Along with our family of brands under the Nasdaq-listed Euronet Worldwide (EEFT), we process hundreds of billions of dollars in global transfers each year, providing our clients with best-in-class rates and world-class security.

For further information, please visit: xe.com