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Impacting Your Business

In developing our solutions, we engaged with and continue to engage with many Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partners, ISV partners and senior Microsoft executives from across the world – ensuring that we are addressing the key challenges affecting today’s partners, and often their customers. Do any of these challenges resonate with your business?

Resource Constraints

Finding companies who want to implement Dynamics 365 is not the main issue. Finding enough of the right type of skilled resources to meet all your project needs is. And a shortage of good people means an ever-increasing wage bill. Sound familiar?

Long Sales Cycles

Depending on the size and complexity of the prospective customer, a typical Dynamics 365 sales cycle takes between 3 and 12 months, sometimes more – with no guarantee of a sale at the end of it all. It is a resource intensive, costly process. Sound familiar?

Project Backlogs

When a customer signs for Dynamics 365, there is an expectation that the project can start immediately but finding and aligning resources on both sides can take weeks, if not months. Couple this with an intensive analysis and design phase, you are talking at least six months, often more, before you can begin deploying the customer’s solution. Sound familiar?

Inconsistent Design

With Dynamics 365, the best Solution Design is reliant on having your best people, your ‘A Team’, on a project, which isn’t always possible. To ensure your customer gets the best possible system, this can mean delaying a project start date until those resources are available, or alternatively using expensive, external contractors. Sound familiar?

Unrealistic Expectations

Customer requirements captured, business analysis complete, and budgets and project timescales presented to the customer. Yet, according to Panorama's 2019 ERP Report, budgets still overrun in 45% of implementations and 58% take longer than originally planned, greatly impacting client satisfaction. Sound familiar?

Revenue Recognition

With the way modern Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing works, you can only invoice a client for a license when a user goes live, meaning license revenue is typically backloaded to the second half of an implementation project. And the longer that project takes, the longer it takes to recognise that revenue. Sound familiar?

Business Profitability

As your business grows, economies of scale should mean an increase in profitability but is that really the case? Stagnant day rates, an ever-growing wage bill, high recruitment fees, underestimating the cost of projects –all of these can have a major impact on your business performance. Sound familiar?


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Some great feedback from one of the many Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners using our GYDE365 platform!



Projects & Revenue

Project Activity Comparison*

Traditional way   vs   GYDE365 way
60% Faster
60% Faster
40% Faster
30% Time Saved

*Example based on a typical 300-user, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management (ERP) implementation.

Our cloud-based platform digitally transforms the traditional, workshop-focused approach for Dynamics 365 projects, helping you to significantly reduce the time and associated costs involved in the system selection, design and deployment of your client’s desired solution, without compromising on quality.


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Empowering Efficiency: ESC adopts GYDE365 to enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects.



Your Business

Does your Dynamics 365 sales process take too long, rely heavily on requirements gathering workshops, and tie up key people on both sides for longer than you would like?

With the GYDE365-Discover application, what previously took months, can be completed in weeks, if not days. And your high-quality standards are always maintained.


  • Provide clients with a self-service portal – for capturing all their requirements
  • Free up your teams – by reducing the need for so many face-to-face (or virtual) workshops
  • Instantly generate key sale documentation (fit-gap, estimations, etc) – for you and your clients at the ‘click-of-a-mouse’
  • Complete an end-to-end sales process significantly faster – with less internal resource burden


  • Ensures all their system requirements are documented in detail – using a self-service portal
  • Requirements surveys can be completed anytime, anywhere – without the need for lengthy requirements gathering workshops.
  • Receive high-quality reports within days – to aid decision-making related to a new system
  • Make a much faster, informed evaluation about Dynamics 365 – and whether it is right for the business
Are resource bottlenecks and admin-heavy processes impacting how quickly you can move new customers from contract signing to deploying their desired solution?
GYDE365-Design simplifies and speeds up this entire process and reduces your reliance on a small number of people within your business.
  • Get your clients completing detailed Solution Design surveys without delay – once they’ve signed up with you
  • Quickly create tailored Dynamics 365 Solution Design surveys for clients – enabling fast and efficient requirements capture
  • Free up more time for your key people to focus on high value customer-focused activities – by reducing the need for so many workshops
  • Accelerate the traditional Analysis & Design phase of your project – by as much as 60%
  • No delays waiting for partner resource availability – provide detailed Solution Design requirements within days of signing up with them
  • Enable your subject matter experts to easily provide detailed Solution design needs – whenever and wherever they are
  • Provide your project team with more time to do their ‘day jobs’ – particularly in early project stages
  • Accelerate the Analysis & Design phase of your project – enabling an earlier kick-off of your system deployment
Would your prospective customers benefit from an online tool that enabled them to generate their own high-level, personalized, Dynamics 365 suitability report?
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GYDE365 addresses the frustrations of both implementation partners and their customers caused by the time, risk and associated costs involved with the traditional ‘resource-heavy’ approach to Dynamics 365 projects, from System Selection to Analysis & Design, through to deployment.


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Empowering Efficiency: ESC adopts GYDE365 to enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects.




  • Self-service business requirements surveys
  • Automated reports provide detailed Fit-Gap analysis
  • De-risk licensing estimations and project estimations
  • Accelerate RFI / RFQ / RFP readiness
  • Comprehensive ‘To be’ processes
  • Customise micro industry verticals
  • Version control for system configuration
  • Easily run ‘what if’ scenarios to optimise costs

GYDE365 addresses the frustrations for both implementation partners and their customers, caused by the time, cost and risks involved with the traditional workshop-heavy approach to Dynamics 365 implementation projects, with a suite of subscription-based, web applications.


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New blog article – Set your Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects up for success with GYDE365-Design


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