USA headquartered in Austin, Texas, Pelorus Technology is the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner to subscribe to our GYDE365 platform to help them execute ERP projects with greater speed and efficiency.

Pelorus is an end-to-end technology services provider, delivering innovative solutions globally, using Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management (Operations) and Business Central business applications. They focus on migrating companies using legacy Microsoft business applications, including Dynamics AX, NAV, and Great Plains.

When asked about Pelorus’ vision and their reasons for subscribing to the GYDE365 platform, Peter Joeckel, Partner and Senior Vice President of Sales, responded, “We are looking to address the growing epidemic of failed or challenged ERP implementations by identifying the right people, processes, and tools that will ensure projects are completed to the agreed specification, on time and budget. The structured, disciplined approach to System Evaluation and Solution Design provided by the GYDE365 platform and the partnership with Seer 365 is a spectacular addition to the Pelorus business, which focuses on providing processes and tools to improve the success rates of ERP projects.”

The GYDE365 platform is a perfect complement to Insite, the ERP Productivity Analyzer from Pelorus that creates a “one, two punch” approach for customers to reduce project risk, lower cost, and speed up implementations for both Dynamics upgrade and implementation projects.

Seer 365’s General Manager for the Americas, Fabio Araujo, commented, “Peter and the rest of his leadership team are super experienced in the Microsoft Dynamics space and understand the pitfalls of the traditional ERP project approach. They are passionate about reinventing the way ERP projects are run, so we’re looking forward to working with the broader team at Pelorus to help them transform their approach using GYDE365 to provide a first-class service to their customers.

About Pelorus Technology

Pelorus Technology is a Microsoft ERP implementation partner providing expert guidance and cutting-edge solutions to businesses worldwide. On a mission to deliver sustainable solutions that help clients navigate the complex world of global business, Pelorus Technology is dedicated to providing high-quality services at a competitive price point, with a focus on optimization and innovation.

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