25 July 2023 – Super exciting news! GYDE365 has recently become one of only eight solutions to be endorsed by Microsoft and recommended to all Microsoft Catalyst partners to facilitate their Microsoft Catalyst engagements. Developed by Seer 365, GYDE365 is already used by over 50 Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners worldwide to help them and their customers quickly and effectively evaluate Dynamics 365.

For those unaware, Microsoft Catalyst is Microsoft’s customer engagement approach that partners can use to help businesses both conceive and realize business transformation. It follows the IDEA (Inspire, Design, Empower, Achieve) framework, four stages of activities designed to support organizations in moving closer to achieving their desired goals.

So, why has GYDE365 been selected as one of Microsoft’s chosen Catalyst solutions?

Sam Dharmasiri, CEO of Seer 365 explains, “The GYDE365 platform has been successfully adopted by Microsoft sales teams and Dynamics 365 partners across the globe to increase their efficiency and productivity in delivering successful Dynamics 365 projects. It provides unique benefits and can be used by partners at every stage of the Catalyst framework. With GYDE365, partner employees, responsible for delivering Microsoft Catalyst engagements, can streamline their Catalyst processes and harness the power of automation.

GYDE365 provides them with a comprehensive toolset to quickly capture and assess a customer’s business objectives and system requirements in a structured way; as well as enabling them to generate comprehensive, high-quality output documentation at the ‘click of a button’. Put simply, it allows them to achieve more, in less time and with fewer resources, in turn reducing the timeframe to complete a Catalyst engagement. Through enhanced efficiency, GYDE365-Discover paves the way for more productive engagements, with less disruption and time commitment required from partners and their customers’ teams.”

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