Have you caught wind of Microsoft’s latest Fast Track TechTalk series on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community YouTube channel? They have unveiled a lineup of five talks spotlighting their revamped ‘Business Process Catalog (BPC)’. This Excel-based Workbook outlines 15 end-to-end business scenarios, alongside the corresponding business process areas and configurations. Microsoft recommends this resource to Partners in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem to help with their onboarding journeys and project implementations.

GYDE365 is fully aligned with Microsoft on the importance of using business process-level detail to help drive better Dynamics 365 projects. This is far from a new concept for us. For over three years, Seer 365 has been enabling partners and their customers to drive greater automation in their Dynamics 365 evaluation, solution design, onboarding, and deployment activities utilizing our easy-to-use suite of GYDE365 software applications. Our technology already incorporates the full Microsoft Business Process Catalog content, plus a host of other business benefits. These include:

✅ Simplified online requirements capture using industry-standard MoSCoW ratings, accompanied by insightful comments.

✅ BPC patterns translated into plain business language, bolstered with helpful explanations for easy understanding.

✅ Swift toggling between GYDE365 content and standard Microsoft BPC processes – you choose which one is best for your needs

✅ Automated generation of output documents, providing comprehensive breakdowns of business requirements, fit/gap analysis, and project estimations.

✅ Robust reporting and actionable insights via GYDE365-Insights.

✅ Proactive updates, incorporating the latest Microsoft technology content and implementation strategies, so partners stay ahead of the curve

✅ Azure DevOps-ready outputs, neatly organized in BPC order, generated directly from GYDE365.

With the GYDE365 application suite, partners can say goodbye to manual processes in favour of streamlined efficiency and enhanced project outcomes.

Understand how our innovative GYDE365 platform can simplify your Dynamics 365 project processes. Book a demo here: seer365.com/demo