Rightsize 365 (R365), a division of Rightsize Group, based in Australia, has become one of the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners to sign up for the GYDE365 platform, to support them with their growth plans.

Rightsize 365 addresses the business system needs of small to medium-sized businesses. They are dedicated to helping businesses that have outgrown their current financial systems and are looking for a cloud-based solution that can be delivered efficiently, effectively, at the right size and right cost. They provide solutions for a variety of industries including Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution, Professional Services and Not-for-Profit and pride themselves on offering a range of fixed-cost set-up packages.

Jarrod Case, CEO, explains their reasons for signing up for GYDE365, “We have grown significantly over the past five years and were looking for a method to provide a better onboarding experience for our ERP projects.  GYDE365 helps us to streamline and standardise our Dynamics 365 pre-sales and post-sale processes. It enables us to deliver a better customer experience and provide them with the information they need to be able to make an informed system decision quicker than was previously possible. ”

Tash Quinn, who heads up Seer 365’s ANZ operations commented, “For a growing organisation like Rightsize 365, our GYDE365 platform can give them some rapid productivity gains. With its online tools, it avoids tying up both its employees and their prospective customers in traditional, lengthy, requirements-gathering workshops. Plus, with the customer reports automatically generated by the application, it only takes a quick review of the outputs before they are client-ready, which is another significant time-saving. We are really looking forward to working with Jarrod and his team over the coming months.”

About Rightsize 365

Enabling your business to grow efficiently and effectively – we’re the Rightsize for you.
Small businesses struggle to budget their IT operations and often spend inefficiently with less than a great return on their investment. Rightsize understands. We deliver a minimum 30% reduction on IT overheads as a dedicated outside IT department for our clients. Our unlimited 24×7 support, both on and offsite increases business productivity and capacity, enabling their business to grow efficiently and effectively – we’re the Rightsize for growing small businesses.

For more information, visit: rightsize365.com.au