Great news. PrecisionPoint Software, a global player in Business Intelligence and insights for Microsoft Dynamics 365, has renewed their ISV subscription to GYDE365 for another year.

With over 15 years’ experience and a vast customer base spanning 20 different countries across six continents, PrecisionPoint has been leading the way in helping organisations to unlock the data held within their Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications and turning this into actionable business insights.

Andrew Mennie, CEO of PrecisionPoint, comments on their rationale for renewing their contract again with Seer 365 for their GYDE365 platform. “Over the past year, we’ve enjoyed several benefits from our GYDE365 subscription. The key one for us has been the access to Seer 365’s global network of Dynamics 365 partners, which is our primary target audience. We strongly believe in the power of partner-to-partner marketing and Seer has facilitated several high-value introductions to relevant partners for us.

Additionally, with content for our solutions live on the GYDE365 platform, we are exposed to more and more companies who are actively considering Dynamics 365 and have a pre-determined need for our technology. Whenever a prospective customer completes a GYDE365-Discover survey, if a need is identified that can be met by PrecisionPoint, our relevant solution is automatically put forward within their GYDE365 Output Report. This increases the chance that they will include it as part of their initial Dynamics 365 implementation.

We’ve also recently gone live with GYDE365-Qualify, Seer’s quick qualification tool. This will help prospective customers to quickly ascertain if our solution is right for their business. We particularly love the simplicity that GYDE365-Qualify provides our prospective customers. Just a few minutes for them to fill out a quick needs-based survey and then they automatically receive an initial estimate for buying and implementing our technology, which our sales team can quickly follow up on.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the team at Seer 365. Here’s to another successful year!”

Commenting on the continued partnership, Daniel Heath, ISV Partner Manager at Seer 365 adds, “It’s been great working with the team at PrecisionPoint Software over the past year, making introductions to relevant partners and helping to highlight their solutions to more potential customers. We’re excited to continue working with their fantastic team and continuing to enrich their business operations”.  

About PrecisionPoint Software

PrecisionPoint Software has a growing customer base and partner network across six continents and has been a leader in Business Intelligence for Dynamics ERP for over 15 years. Our patented approach of integrating financial sub-ledgers and the General Ledger allows us to rapidly deploy self-reconciled intelligent data solutions from within Dynamics ERP.

Our goal is to be the key semantic layer provider behind your data-driven Dynamics ERP project, driving you forward with accurate, governed, and relevant information to provide valuable insight into your business.

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