Yavrio, an innovative Microsoft ISV Partner providing banking solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is the latest partner to sign up for our GYDE365 platform.

Built on Open Banking technology, Yavrio allows bank institutions to connect directly with Business Central. This means that rather than waiting for month-end reporting, companies can get same-day visibility of what’s going on across all their business accounts. It offers unlimited transaction volumes and multiple daily transaction pulls, allowing users to stay firmly on the pulse of their company’s financial accounts. Plus, with Yavrio Open Banking, it is also possible to send payments directly from the Payment Journal within Business Central to vendors via a company’s bank account, all underpinned by industry-leading security.

As an expanding Microsoft ISV Partner, Yavrio is looking to grow the number of Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers using their technology, hence their interest in GYDE365. As Yavrio’s CEO, John Lewis, explains, “We’re a specialist Microsoft partner focused on fintech, providing solutions that not only enhance but transform the banking capabilities of out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 Business Central. Working with the team at Seer 365, we will have content specific to our solutions embedded within their GYDE365-Discover application. This means that whenever a company wants secure banking integration that can be achieved by our technology, our solution will automatically be highlighted to that customer via the GYDE365-Discover output report. This is great for us as it gives our solution exposure to Dynamics 365 Business Central customers where there is a real need for it. This helps partners and end users understand the benefit of moving to a secure solution, rather than continuing in the old ways of passing around sensitive banking data using CSV files.”

Sam Dharmasiri, Seer 365’s CEO commented, “The technology developed by Yavrio provides fast and secure banking integration capabilities for Dynamics 365 Business Central, greatly enhancing the solution, so we are extremely pleased to have them sign up as a partner for GYDE365. With Yavrio’s content on our platform, we will be able to introduce their solution to more Business Central partners and customers who have an identified need for their offerings. We are looking forward to helping them on their growth journey.

About Yavrio

Yavrio provides fintech solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems, leveraging Open Banking technology to improve security for businesses and unlock the potential of digital finance.

For further information, please visit: yavr.io