Rightsize Technology explains the positive impact GYDE365 has had on their Microsoft Dynamics 365 business and offers useful advice for other partners considering the solution.

Interviewed by Tash Quinn, Seer 365’s Regional Director for the ANZ region, Jarrod Case, Group CEO of Rightsize Technology discusses how the GYDE365 Platform is helping his business be more successful. Standardised processes, rapid requirements capture, and automated output document creation across their Sales, Analysis, and Design phases are saving valuable time, increasing customer satisfaction, and most importantly, helping Rightsize to win more business. 


Not got time to watch the full 9-minute interview? Scroll down to the videos below, where we’ve split the interview down into four shorter, bite-size chunks.

Who are Rightsize Technology and which GYDE365 applications do you use?
What challenges has GYDE365 helped Rightsize Technology to overcome?
How easy was it for Rightsize Technology to adopt GYDE365 and where do you use it?
What would Rightsize Technology's advice be to other partners interested in GYDE365?