Clearly Cloudy, a UK-based Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform Partner, is transforming the way they engage with prospective clients with help from Seer 365. Specialising in Data Analytics solutions powered by Microsoft’s Power BI technology, Clearly Cloudy has recently become the first of our non-Dynamics 365 partners to deploy a GYDE365-Discover survey specifically for their own Data Analytics offering, to revolutionise their sales approach.

Traditionally used by Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners, GYDE365-Discover helps companies to evaluate and come to an informed decision regarding Dynamics 365, quickly capturing their detailed business and system requirements in a matter of hours. It also automatically generates comprehensive output documents, delivering in-depth fit-gap analysis with reliable project and licensing estimates.

Clearly Cloudy has embraced this same technology but for a different purpose, crafting their own specialised Data Analytics survey within GYDE365-Discover. This innovative approach allows Clearly Cloudy to swiftly gather details about a company’s data sources, data extraction, storage, and visualisation requirements. On completion of their new survey, prospective clients will now instantly receive a personalised output document, providing a clear fit-gap analysis of their needs against Microsoft’s Power BI solution.

Shailan Chudasama, the driving force behind Clearly Cloudy, explained, “Previously, the manual process of gathering customer data analytics requirements was time-consuming and open to errors. With GYDE365-Discover, we can capture detailed customer needs in a fraction of the time, delivering high-quality sales proposals at the touch of a button. This is a game-changer for both Clearly Cloudy and our clients.”

Sam Dharmasiri, Seer 365’s CEO, added, “Although the primary use for GYDE365-Discover is to enable Dynamics 365 partners to help their prospective customers to quickly and thoroughly evaluate Microsoft’s solutions, the Platform technology easily pivots to enable other types of Microsoft Partners with their own products and services to efficiently capture complex requirements and generate comprehensive customer-facing documentation to help drive sales. Whilst Clearly Cloudy are the first of our non-Dynamics 365 partners to fully adopt GYDE365-Discover, we are hoping they will be the first of many once others understand its full potential.”

About Clearly Cloudy

Clearly Cloudy are a Microsoft Partner in Data and Analytics. Clearly Cloudy are experienced in delivering project and programme level BI solutions across industry, both in Waterfall and Agile methodologies. We have delivered these solutions for organisations in sectors of Defence and Security, Government and Public Sector, Finance, Manufacturing, Not for Profit and Retail to name a few. Our consultants are well versed with data security and governance and are Security Cleared.

Clearly Cloudy pride themselves and are focussed in their approach with Data and Analytics. Clearly Cloudy were founded in 2015 by an ex Microsoft employee, a Teaching professional and a Data Architect. 

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