We are extremely pleased to announce that Dynamics Consultants, a UK-based Microsoft Gold partner, specialising in delivering bespoke solutions to companies based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft 365 and e-commerce technology, is the latest Dynamics 365 implementation partner to sign up to GYDE365.

Established in 2007, its primary focus is on providing solutions for small to medium-sized companies, principally in the Manufacturing and Warehousing industry sectors. As well as Dynamics 365 Business Central, they also have expertise in a number of other complementary Microsoft technologies, including Power Platform, Azure and AI for Business, which enables them to deliver innovative solutions to their clients. Their business has grown rapidly in recent years and they have ambitions to grow it further. GYDE365 will enable Dynamics Consultants’ employees to be more efficient and productive by reducing the amount of administrative effort involved in the selling, design and implementation of their Business Central projects. This means they can take on a greater number of projects without the same levels of additional recruitment that have previously been necessary, whilst still maintaining quality in the delivery.

Talking about the new partnership with Seer 365, Tom Jenkins, Managing Director of Dynamics Consultants commented, “While we may not seem that big in comparison to some Dynamics 365 implementation partners, we are a significant player in the Business Central world. So, we’re always keen to explore new technologies that will help make our teams more effective and improve our already high levels of customer satisfaction, ultimately, growing our business. We’re looking forward to working with Seer 365’s applications, using GYDE365-Discover to streamline our sales process and enable our salespeople to complete sales engagements more efficiently and provide a solid foundation for a successful project, and using GYDE365-Design to help our project teams to more efficient in delivering those projects for our customers.”

Sam Dharmasiri, Seer 365’s CEO commented, “Dynamics Consultants are a very successful Dynamics 365 Business Central partner, so it’s great to have them sign up to our GYDE365 platform. They are a forward-thinking business and embrace new technology and ways of working where they can see it will have a positive impact on their business. We will be working closely with them in the coming weeks and months to get GYDE365-Discover embedded within their sales organisation and GYDE365-Design within their delivery organisation. I’m excited to see the productivity gains that Dynamics Consultants will realise from using GYDE365.”

About Dynamics Consultants

Dynamics Consultants are market leaders in helping business owners and their teams have greater control over their success, through modern integrated software. As Microsoft Gold partners, we specialise in fully integrated solutions for mid-sized companies utilising Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central and other areas of the Microsoft stack.

For further information, please visit: dynamics-consultants.co.uk/