NEWS: Seer 365 wins innovation grant from Innovate UK

Seer 365 is awarded a grant from
Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency

We’re proud to announce that Seer 365 has recently been awarded a grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency. Our development project receiving the grant is entitled ‘Automation of Enterprise Business Application System Implementations’. The funding from it will accelerate the ongoing development and enhancement of GYDE365, a web-based software application with two primary uses: firstly, to enable companies, of all sizes, to determine quickly, accurately and for less cost, the return on investment and suitability of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications before committing to the cost of deployment; and secondly, to enable companies to accelerate the Analysis and Design phases of a Dynamics 365 implementation project.

Sam Dharmasiri, our CEO and co-founder of Seer 365 commented, “We are so happy to have been awarded the Innovate UK grant. It will make a huge difference to the speed at which we can bring to market the functionality on our product roadmap. GYDE365 was conceived to transform the traditional approach for evaluating and implementing business application software, in particular Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications, which has changed very little over the past 20 years. The traditional approach relies on numerous, in-person, information-gathering workshops; a significant challenge given COVID-19 and the emphasis on remote working. However, GYDE365 is completely web-based, so it enables companies to carry out their initial System Evaluation, then their Analysis and Design phases, online, for significantly less time and cost than other traditional less-effective methods. It is completely transformative for companies and their implementation partners, particularly when considering the impact of both Brexit and COVID-19 where businesses need to accelerate their digital transformation projects, as well as reducing their CO2 emissions.”

Those organisations still using ageing or legacy business applications will be at a major disadvantage compared to those who have already made the move to more modern systems. GYDE365 will help accelerate this transition, whilst reducing the associated risks through improved consistency and quality of deployments.

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