Winning a new customer is one thing but the true endorsement of any company’s products or services is when that customer renews their contract for a second term, without hesitation.

Mint Group, Middle East & Africa’s leading Dynamics 365 partner, was one of the first partners to sign up to our #GYDE365 platform in September 2021 and we are delighted that they are continuing their journey with us.

As our CEO, Sam Dharmasiri explains, “Mint Group were one of the early adopters of our GYDE365 platform. They quickly bought into the vision of how our technology would help transform their traditional Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation model, having developed similar solutions to modernise their Microsoft Azure & Microsoft 365 practices.”

Mint Group’s CEO, Carel du Toit commented, “Anyone who knows Mint Group will be aware that we actively embrace change where it can make a positive impact on our business and our clients. When the team from Microsoft approached us last year and explained the benefits of using their GYDE365 platform, we had no hesitation in signing up. The same was true this year when it came to the contract renewal to extend our partnership. 

We’ve embedded GYDE365 successfully in both the sales and implementation teams of our Middle East & African operations. The consistency and automation that the solution provides, have improved our productivity and enabled us to win more customers and deliver projects more efficiently. Furthermore, it has also been instrumental in helping us establish a presence in the UK market in a more cost-effective way than would have previously been possible, which is why we are also looking to roll out GYDE365 to our US-based operations in the near future. 

The success of the GYDE365 Platform within Mint Group is jointly down to the innovation of Seer 365 coupled with our strong desire to transform our sales and delivery business to create a model for the future that benefits both Mint and our clients. This has resulted in an update to our Proactive™ methodology, which now incorporates both ‘Proactive™ Discover’ and ‘ProActive™ Transform’, enabling our clients to reimagine the way they approach their digital transformation.”

Dharmasiri, Seer 365’s CEO concluded, “Over the past 12 months, Carel du Toit and Mint Group have fully embraced our platform, embarking on their own transformation journey to increase efficiency across every step of the Dynamics 365 sales and implementation process, with our GYDE365 application suite at the heart of it. We are proud that they have chosen to renew their GYDE365 subscription and even more pleased to see the positive impact that our solutions are having on their Dynamics 365 business.”