A Dynamics 365 Solution Design application –
powered by experts

GYDE365-Design enables you to significantly reduce the cost, time and complexity of your Solution Design.

A successful build starts with a great design

If you were building a house, wouldn’t it be great if you could use the services of a top architect to ensure you get the house you’ve always
dreamed of, only without the high cost? GYDE365-Design is the software application equivalent of that very architect, ensuring you get
the ERP solution your business needs – for a fixed price that costs up to 55% less and is up to 66% quicker than traditional methods.

GYDE365-Design replaces the traditional Analysis and Design phase of an ERP implementation by asking the questions that need to be
answered in order to create a comprehensive Design. This enables you to move into the Build phase with any partner, better informed and
focussed on what your solution needs to deliver.


6 simple steps to success

GYDE365-Design replaces the traditional Analysis & Design Phase with
something far better for your business, and for your people.

GYDE365-Design helps take the pressure
off your Dynamics 365 ERP project

Cut Costs

Reduce Design costs by up to 55% and reduce your overall project costs by up to 40%

Reduce Time

Shrink the Analysis and Design phase of your Dynamics 365 project by up to 66%

Minimise Risk

Obtain a consistent, clear Solution Design to meet your desired business objectives

Reduce Complexity

Less expertise and associated costs required for internal resources to drive your Dynamics 365 implementation

Increase Ownership

A clear Solution Design puts you in a stronger position when selecting and working with a Dynamics 365 implementation partner

Maximise Participation

Encourage valuable input from team members who otherwise may feel excluded, or are unable to attend traditional in-person workshops

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