Have you ever considered the possibility of there being a more effective approach to winning Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation projects?

If the answer is yes, this article is for you.

Below Keith Delarge, a Senior Product Development Manager for our GYDE365 platform, discusses the common challenges many sales professionals within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem face when selling projects and his tips to overcome them. He also shares an overview of our GYDE365 Discover solution, which is designed to seamlessly streamline the business application sales process.

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In today’s fast-paced world of digital transformation, there’s a constant buzz surrounding the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whilst AI is indeed a game-changer, it isn’t quite ready to fix all our problems, despite what we are often told.

With over two decades of experience in sales, presales, and consulting for Microsoft Dynamics business applications, I had a front-row seat to the challenges that come with winning deals in an increasingly competitive partner channel.

If you’re keen to discover a practical toolset for qualifying leads efficiently, winning more deals, and managing larger, more complex sales opportunities, without the need to increase headcount or upskill your staff, then please continue reading.


Challenge 1: Securing Presales and Bid Management Support

The success of any sales engagement relies heavily on assembling a team to demonstrate your capability to deliver a successful project. However, it’s not just about having people available, it’s about having the right people, at the right time, with the right experience and skillset.

In this context, securing presales and bid management support becomes a complex chess game. You’re not only competing with other Microsoft Dynamics partners; you must also go head-to-head with your own colleagues to secure the resources needed to win the project!

Convincing internal teams of your opportunity’s potential can be very challenging. To overcome this, you need to develop a compelling business case to persuade your manager and colleagues to invest their time and resources on your projects.

This must be backed by data-driven insights on the customer, their unique business requirements, as well as a cost and risk analysis. This is often a manual task for most partners.


Challenge 2: Enterprise Solutions

In a world that increasingly seeks comprehensive solutions to support business processes, being proficient in both CRM and ERP is immensely valuable. However, this proficiency isn’t easily attained, particularly if you have a stronger background in one domain over the other.

Addressing this challenge requires a commitment to continuous learning, cross-training, and acquiring expertise across technologies and platforms. It’s about becoming a versatile advisor who can provide integrated solutions to your clients.


Challenge 3: Finite Resources

In a landscape where talent is at a premium and budgets are tight, efficiently allocating resources to support the sales process is a daunting task. Not everyone has the depth of industry experience and product knowledge required to win every deal.

You must develop strategies that consider the unique demands of each sales opportunity, and each of your sales team members strengths. This challenge often requires creative solutions to enable you to do more with less, leveraging limited human and time resources to achieve exceptional results.


Challenge 4: Global Barriers

With global opportunities comes the challenge of bridging geographical and linguistic gaps. Effectively managing a sales process and coordinating with stakeholders across multiple regions adds another layer of complexity. Language barriers, time zone differences, and geographical distances can complicate effective communication.

Navigating a global sales process requires even more effective communication and strategies for seamless global engagement.

This involves not only language translation but also cultural sensitivity and an understanding of local business practices to build trust with international stakeholders.


Challenge 5: Creating Winning Proposals

Crafting precise sales documentation in a timely manner is another major challenge. The process of estimation can be time-consuming and complex, requiring a delicate balance between accuracy and speed.

Developing persuasive proposals, presentations, and project plans requires the right mix of experience and expertise. It often involves collaborating with specialists and leveraging knowledgebases and resources to create compelling documentation.

To tackle this challenge, it’s crucial to streamline the estimation process and leverage automation to provide clients with rapid and accurate proposals and presentations.


Is there a better way to achieve sales success?

Hopefully the challenges highlighted above will resonate with many of you. A common theme among them all is their impact on limited business resources.

So, is there a better way to help you achieve your goals? We have just the toolset for you.


GYDE365 Discover – Your Ultimate Co-Pilot

As you strive for excellence in your field, whether you are a salesperson, bid manager, or presales consultant, it will undoubtedly be accompanied by the challenges discussed above.

GYDE365 has emerged as the ultimate sales co-pilot, designed to empower you and your team. It helps you navigate the complexities of selling Dynamics 365 projects with confidence and success.

GYDE365 provides secure online customer and partner applications that give you and your customers access to essential resources, enabling you to stay informed and connected with your prospective clients and partners.


What GYDE365 has to offer

Comprehensive Content Library

The platform boasts a comprehensive content library, where you can access a wealth of specialist content, across all Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications and business processes. Covering key areas such as industry insights, business processes, applications, and ISV-related business requirements, pricing, and estimates, this library will become your go-to resource. Having this at your fingertips, provides you and your team with all the key industry and product information you will need, without having to hire additional experienced personnel. It accelerates output document creation, enhances accuracy, and reduces the risk of errors, ultimately helping you to create those winning proposals.

Consistent and Streamlined Output Documents 

With GYDE365, you can maintain a high standard of consistency in your project output documents. This ensures that each of your clients receives reliable, high-quality, and accurate documentation, reinforcing your reputation in the market. These output documents can be translated and localised to suit your global prospective clients, allowing you to bridge those geographical and linguistic gaps. This feature is especially important for international Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partners or those looking to expand globally.

By enabling you to streamline parts of the process, GYDE365 enables you to place more emphasis on your customers, reducing the need for excessive workshops and demonstrations, which helps alleviate yours and your prospective customers’ resource constraints.

Rapid Estimation Process
GYDE365 automates the estimation process, significantly reducing the time typically required for creating sales proposals. It enhances the accuracy and consistency of your estimations, providing your clients with confidence-inspiring proposals, complete with a comprehensive breakdown of the costs against effort.

GYDE365 addresses the frustrations experienced by both implementation partners and their customers. These frustrations can be due to the time, risks and associated costs involved in traditional methods of qualifying opportunities, evaluating, designing, and deploying Dynamics 365 solutions.

By embracing the benefits of GYDE365, you empower your team to confront many of the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis head-on.

It transforms into your reliable co-pilot, assisting in the reduction of project completion times, helping you to win more clients, and leaving a lasting impression in the competitive landscape of Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects. It’s not just a toolset. It’s your strategic advantage in the pursuit of growth and excellence.


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Written by Keith Delarge

Keith Delarge, our Senior Product Development Manager, has been with Seer 365 for over two years. Keith helps to continuously develop our GYDE365 platform, to meet the needs of our partners. With over 16 years experience working within sales for a variety of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partners, Keith understands the challenges faced during D365 projects.