It’s 2024! With the New Year already well underway, Seer 365 has been reflecting on 2023 and wanted to share some of our highlights, plus a sneak preview of some of our plans for 2024. We wish all our customers, collaborators, and supporters, a successful year ahead.


Partner Subscriptions – There are now over 60 partners subscribed to, and using, the GYDE365 Platform to help them sell, design, and deploy Dynamics 365 projects more efficiently across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa, Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Brazil, and Belgium.

GYDE365 Global Reach – Our GYDE365 applications are being successfully used by Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales teams, System Integrators and ISV partners to help their customers in over 40 countries across 6 continents.

GYDE365 Value Creation – 1,000+ prospect and customer GYDE365-Discover surveys were completed in 2023, generating a potential $73m+ annually recurring Dynamics 365 licence revenue and more than $340m of partner consulting services.

Microsoft Endorsement – Microsoft has officially recognised GYDE365 as an invaluable tool for the selection and sale of Dynamics 365. It is one of only a select few solutions worldwide to be officially recommended for all Microsoft Catalyst engagements, as well as being part of any even smaller subset of solutions to also be used and recommended to drive AIM (Accelerate, Innovate, and Move) scale.

GYDE365-Qualify Expansion – 40+ tailored, website GYDE365-Qualify estimation tools were launched for our GYDE365 partners, helping them to generate and qualify new Dynamics 365 and ISV solution sales opportunities.

GYDE365 Community – Through our social media coverage, partner collaborations and attendance at Directions Asia, EMEA, North America, and Community Summit NA, GYDE365 is now a globally recognised platform by Microsoft sellers, Dynamics 365 System Integrators and ISV partners. In addition to closer collaboration between GYDE365 partners and Microsoft sales teams, GYDE365 partners are also collaborating with one another, sharing learnings, opportunities and projects across the globe.

Growing Team – With several new key additions to the team, we now have over 50 people working for Seer 365 across our UK, USA, Australia, Dubai, and Sri Lanka offices, ensuring we are best placed to support our GYDE365 partners across the globe.


Our latest and greatest applications: GYDE365-Initiate
The early part of 2024 will see the official launch of GYDE365-Initiate, an application that will enable the automated generation of key project governance documentation, including Project Charters, Sales to Operations handover pack, Microsoft Fast Track and Success by Design documentation, ensure a robust delivery framework that sets up projects for success, with minimal administration. GYDE365-Initiate will shortly be followed by our Business Value Assessment tooling, as well as the highly anticipated GYDE365-Build application, which will automate the core configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Enhanced Product: GYDE365-Design
GYDE365-Design, which enables implementation teams to accelerate the Analysis & Design phases of their Dynamics 365 projects, has been re-platformed for 2024. Underpinned by the latest Microsoft technology, users will benefit from increased functionality, flexibility and even faster deployments, as well latest toolset, data, and security enhancements.

New GYDE365-Academy
Whilst December saw a preview of our new Partner Portal, it will become generally available in 2024, providing a central hub for all things GYDE365, including automated user onboarding, GYDE’d role-based and refresher training, certifications, as well as all product communications and updates.

GYDE365 Community Expansion
As we continue to grow, we will expand the GYDE365 community by providing more opportunities for partner-to-partner collaboration through a series of informal networking events, as well as continuing our in-person Partner Pulse workshops.

Meet and connect with us across the world
Not met with Seer 365 yet or had a chance to explore how our GYDE365 applications can benefit your business? There will plenty of opportunities as the Seer 365 team have already signed up to attend Directions EMEA, Directions NA, Directions Asia, and Community Summit NA, with more to be announced.

Find out more about how our GYDE365 platform can help transform your Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects: Book a Demo. Alternatively, contact us at